Stateline Soccer Club is committed to providing an unparalleled soccer experience for all who have interest in the game of soccer. Stateline Soccer Club promotes the development of character, the passion of competition and the importance of enjoyment through education. We accept the responsibility of educating life lessons to our players to further their growth both on field and off.  We believe that all players should be afforded an equal opportunity to explore their potential and participate in challenging environments that warrant positive outcomes.  We are committed to making soccer an enjoyable, safe and rewarding experience for all involved, regardless of age, gender or ability.  Through exceptional coaching, strong leadership and pure focus, Stateline Soccer Club strives to be the best soccer platform for you.

Stateline Soccer Club is committed to player and team development.  We are driven to providing excellent educational and instructional development to not only our players but to our coaches alike, who are also in the pursuit of excellence. We strongly enforce our 3 fundamentals of coaching: enjoyment, education and competition throughout the development structure.

Players have to enjoy what they are doing in order to develop a passion for the sport. By applying positive reinforcement to develop self-confidence, our players will establish a strong desire to improve and fulfill their potential. Our players will have the authorization to take risks and make mistakes.  We want our players to be strong psychologically and develop life skills along with their soccer skills.  Our goal is to prepare our players for the highest level of competition. Having the ability to mentally prepare, endure and reflect on performances is what separates those at the elite level.

We provide a number of varied ability-based programs to challenge our players. Regardless of level, we enforce that our players practice at the same intensity as in a competitive game to better prepare them for the competitive match play. Ultimately, if everyone is giving their all, then that will improve both the individual’s and the team’s performance.

All players at Stateline SC will be instructed to play an indirect style of possession soccer. We want every player, regardless of position, to be comfortable on the ball, encouraging ball retention under pressure and increasing player skill and confidence, thus maximizing player development. We want our teams to be masters of their own destiny through absolute control, rather than playing off or hoping for opposition mistakes. We want to instill our players with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to adapt to any given situation or style of play.

Stateline Soccer Club creates a strong developmental pathway that enables players of all ages to begin at various points along the way through their youth development.  Our progressive pathway allows players at each ages and level to progress.